Investment Process


Proceeding of Detailed Development Plan / PUP/:

  • Coordination of investment intentions with local authorities and control authorities for health and environment protection
  • Organization of the elaboration of the Detailed Development Plan
  • Coordination of the Detailed Development Plan with the RIEW, EWC, Water Supply and Sewerage, BTC, etc.
  • Submission of the Detailed Development Plan for approval by the Municipal Council
Purpose of the service:
  • Modify Detailed Development Plan


Perform change the status of agricultural land for construction needs:

  • Proceeding of DDP
  • Getting Decision 1 of the Commission on the ground to determine the construction site
  • Getting Decision 2 of Commission on the ground for land use change
Purpose of the service:
  • Change the designation of agricultural land for construction / non-agricultural / needs


Providing consulting services at all stages of the investment idea:

  • When buying and selling real estate
  • To provide permission for connection of sites to the existing technical infrastructure - power lines, plumbing, optical connections
  • Organization of construction design, of the projects by the interested bodies and control bodies
  • Performing investor control by providing reliable protection of the financial interests of the investor through the ongoing control of the pricing and the quantities of the reported construction works comp and quality control of executed works.
  • Performance management building during the operating period.
Purpose of the service:
  • Legal and administrative-procedural advice during the investment process