Energy Efficiency


Perform assessment of investment projects in the technical phase:

  • On new residential buildings and public buildings over 50 square meters
  • On reconstruction, renovation, overhaul, reconstruction, upgrading and extension of existing residential and non-residential buildings for public services
Purpose of the service:
  • Getting an Investment Project Compliance Assessment in section of the Energy Efficiency


Certification for energy efficiency in new buildings design:

  • Certification of Energy Efficiency Building during Conformity Assessment Based on Investment Projects
  • Determination of Energy Performance of Building Based on Investment Projects
Purpose of the service:
  • Obtaining a certificate of design energy performance based on investment projects


Certification for energy efficiency of new buildings after construction completed and before commissioning:

  • Energy Efficiency Certification is one of the mandatory elements for introducing a new building into operation
  • Determination of the energy performance of a building on the basis of executive documentation and issued acts and certificates during construction
Purpose of the service:
  • Obtaining of Design Energy Performance Certificates prior to commissioning of the building


Energy Efficiency Survey of a building in operation to establish:

  • The state of the structure of the building and its systems in terms of energy efficiency
  • Normalized energy consumption of a building as it existed at the time of the survey
  • Determination of the specific possibilities for reduction of normalized energy consumption with guaranteed maintenance of the microclimate normative parameters
  • Technical and economic evaluation of the energy efficiency measures of the building.
Purpose of the service:
  • Obtaining of Efficiency Certificate of building commissioning
  • Prescription of mandatory energy efficiency measures covering minimum requirements of current legislation


Verification of energy efficiency of water heating boilers and air-conditioning systems:

  • Estimation of energy efficiency of hot water boilers with a capacity exceeding 20 kW by establishing the condition of the plant and the heating installation and determination of their operating parameters by flue gas analysis
  • Assessment of energy efficiency of air conditioning systems with power over 12 kW, by establishing the status of the system's facilities
Purpose of the service:
  • Receiving an energy efficiency test report for a hot water boiler
  • Receiving an energy-efficiency test report for an air-conditioning installation


Evaluating energy savings achieved after introducing energy efficiency measures.:

  • The energy savings assessment shall demonstrate actual energy savings resulting from the implementation of one or more measures to increase energy efficiency in buildings.
Purpose of the service:
  • Getting an assessment of actual energy savings from implemented measures
  • Receiving a certificate of actual energy savings achieved


Within the National Program for Energy Efficiency of Residential Buildings:

  • Performing Energy Efficiency Audits
  • Building an Energy Performance Certificate for a Building in Operation.
Purpoce of the service:
  • Receiving a Building Certificate in Operation


Performing an energy efficiency audit of an industrial system, preparing a report and a summary in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Act and the Ordinance on the Determination of Energy Efficiency Indicators, Energy Performance of Enterprises, Industrial Systems and Systems for External Artificial Lighting, the terms and conditions for conducting an energy efficiency audit and preparing an energy savings assessment:

Purpose of the service:
  • Getting a Report and Summary
  • Preparing an Energy Savings Assessment


Estimation of the available and forecasted potential of the resource for renewable energy or alternative energy sources, according to Ordinance No 16-27 / 2008 - especially for photovoltaic generators.:

Purpose of the service:
  • Preparation of a report on the existing and projected potential resource for energy production