Construction Supervision


Preparation of an assessment of the compliance of the investment projects with the essential requirements for the construction of the:

  • Residential, public and industrial buildings
  • Technical infrastructure pipelines and facilities
  • Power stations
  • Electronic communications networks and facilities
  • Real cultural assets
  • Parks and gardens
Purpose of the service:
  • Obtain Building Permit


Exercise supervision during the construction of the:

  • Buildings
  • Infrastructure facilities
  • Reconstruction and / or renovation of existing buildings
  • Change of use and conversion of a building or part of it
Purpose of the service:
  • Preparation of acts during construction
  • Obtaining a certificate for putting into exploitation / for constructions of the fourth and fifth category /
  • Obtaining a Permit for use after issuance of Act 16 / for constructions from first to third category/


Establishment of a technical passport of a building or facility to be put into operation:

Purpose of the service:
  • Obtaining a Technical Passport


Preparation of a technical passport of a building in operation:

  • Carrying out surveys to determine the technical characteristics of the building according to its current state, including implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Program of Multifamily Buildings
  • prescribing of obligatory measures for bringing the building in installation and technical equipment.
Purpose of the service:
  • Obtaining a Technical Passport
  • Obtaining Architectural Filming and Restoring the Investment Project under Part Architecture
  • Obtaining a Construction Survey Report