Kaliakria Resort

It includes 9 apartment hotels with total area over 24600sq.m., Swimming pools and restaurants; service and connection facilities to the technical infrastructure Completely completed project - from exploration and acquisition of land, through change of land use for construction purposes, handling of Detailed Development Plan and Plans of incoming conduits of the technical infrastructure, provision of accession contracts with distribution companies, assessment of compliance of investment projects, obtaining of building permits for the various stages during the construction, exercising construction supervision until their commissioning, drawing up technical passports of the buildings facilities conducting energy efficiency audits and preparation of certificates of energy efficiency under the existing legislation at the time, incl. updating the same when changing the legislative framework.


„Kaliakria hills” LTD


2006г. - 2008г.


v.of Topola

Municipality Kavarna

Project type

Consultancy in the investment process, Construction supervision, Energy efficiency

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