About us

Single-member limited liability company "Buildcontrol" was established in 1999. The company is managed through two offices in the country - Dobrich and Rousse, each of which has the rights to sign and execute contracts independently. In the years we have opened operational units in other cities - Varna and Kavarna. We have accumulated extensive experience in project management since the start of the investment idea, obtaining permits for its realization, performing energy assessments, audits and prescriptions of EJN, supervision activities during construction until commissioning, including selection and attraction of contractors, evaluation of the received offers, ensuring reliable protection of the investor's interests during the implementation of the project. We carry out legal and administrative consultations in the process of feasibility study of investment intentions.
Management team:
Emil Taskov - owner and manager of Dobrich office
Eng. Georgi Kapandjiev - Manager of Ruse Office
Eng. Mariana Baykova - Head of "Construction Supervision Dobrich"
Eng. Nikolay Stefanov - Head of "Energy Efficiency"
Activities requiring authorization

"Bildcontrol" Ltd receives its first Certificate with Reg. No. СК - 108/1999, authorizing the company to exercise CONSTRUCTION SUPERVISION IN DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION. In 2004, MRDPW modifies licensing mode. The Company receives License № LK - 000130/2004. for assessing the conformity of investment projects and / or exercising construction supervision. According to the current legislation, on the grounds of Art. 166, para. 2 of the TDA, Art. 7, para. 1, Art. 11, para. 1, art. 8 of Ordinance № RD - 02 - 20 - 25 from 03.12.2012g. on the terms and procedure for entering the consultants for the assessment of the conformity of investment projects in the Register and / or exercising construction supervision, the company holds a Certificate № РК - 0155/23.04.2014г. for carrying out the activities under Art. 166, para. 1, item 1 of the TDA. An integral part of the Certificate is endorsed by the National Institute of Statistics List of the team of qualified individuals from different specialties, through which the activity is exercised. Its latest update was on February 29, 2016, with a team of 62 people .

In October 2005, we have received accreditation for the ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND CERTIFICATION OF BUILDINGS audit. Currently, Buildcontrol Ltd is a Certificate № 00033 / 22.12.2021 for entering in the public register of the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development of the persons, conducting energy efficiency audits and certification of buildings, preparation of the assessment of compliance of investment projects and preparation of energy savings assessments, according to art. 44, para. 1 of the EEA. In May 2007, we have been accredited for ENERGY AUDITS OF INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES and through Certificate № 00033 / 13.05.2021 we are entered in the public register of the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development of the persons conducting energy efficiency audits of industrial systems and preparation of energy savings assessments according to art. 60, para. 1 of the EEA. We perform an energy efficiency test for water heating boilers, air conditioning systems over 12 kW, heating installations. SPECIALISTS have many years of experience in the professional fields "Power Engineering", "Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Automation" and "Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy" or in equivalent fields of education. They have a certificate for a successfully passed the qualification exam for the performance of the energy efficiency activities in higher education institutions, trainees in "Technical sciences" specialties. "Bildcontrol" Ltd is among the founders of the "Chamber of Energy Auditors" (KEO). For many orders successfully partner with the participants in the branch organization, performing energy audits throughout the country. As a leading partner in the Association for Child Protection in 2006-2009. participated and executed audits of buildings of state and municipal property with a total built-up area of more than 1 600 00 sq.m.

General consulting activity

"Bildcontrol" Ltd. offers consultancy services at all stages of the investment idea: from the purchase of real estate; through a change in the designation of agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes; proceeding with a detailed development plan; provision of authorization regime for connection of sites to the existing technical infrastructure - power lines, plumbing, optical connections; organizes the design of constructions, including ensuring coordination and approval of projects by interested bodies and control bodies; Manages a building during the lifetime. We perform investor control by ensuring reliable protection of the investor`s financial interests through ongoing control of the pricing and the amounts of the Constructor`s construction works, as well as the quality control of the completed works. The consultants attracted to the activities are lawyers, economists, engineers and specialists in architecture, construction and geodesy with many years of practical experience and knowledge in the legislation. Many projects in the two main areas of "Construction Supervision" and "Energy Efficiency" require a multi-layered approach to their realization, solving case studies relevant to several legal bases, whereby formed teams have to work in cooperation and mutual exchange of practices and information.

GPS devices - to determine the exact location on the field. Solmetric SunEye - a capture and computation tool of shadows from nearby objects, especially useful in urban areas. Meteonorm - World Climate Database; PV Syst; Sunny Design - software products for power generation simulation by a given photovoltaic generator; Transform - a program product for coordinate transformation in different coordinate systems.